Archipelago Presets – LXCR

Archipelago LXCr – What so many photographers have enjoyed for years, now takes on a new life with the tools and features you’ve come to expect from the Archipelago family. LXCr features a large scope of mood and tonality. From the barren desert landscape to the lush forest floor, each preset offers a unique interpretation of color and aesthetic. Banner courtesy Loren Chris.

Flexible and consistent, for any photographer’s needs. And while LXCr explores brand new tonal territory, it does not abandon the roots in which it grew. The essence of the set you know and love, is preserved without compromise. A new journey looking forward, a reverence for the past. Developed by Chris Dunn.

The LXCr set includes 2 BW & 6 Color Presets , plus 6 Custom Profiles, and a variety of helpful tools.


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