BENN TK – Lightroom Preset

Contains 3 presets

When using this preset adjust the warmth and exposure to get your desired look.

Benn Tk Lightroom Preset Benn Tk Lightroom Preset 1 Benn Tk Lightroom Preset 2 Benn Tk Lightroom Preset 3 Benn Tk Lightroom Preset 4 Benn Tk Lightroom Preset 5 Benn Tk Lightroom Preset 6


Fast Download With Google Drive Link
If you found the link was error , please comment !!!

All photos i upload are edited using different techniques to get the most out of them. This Preset is simply a base for your colours, tones and contrast to look similar to mine, all other lighting and effects are up to you (:

This preset was designed primarily for the sony a7iii raw files, and will also work with other cameras, with some tweaking here and there.

To add this preset into your collection, make sure you are in the develope section on Lightroom and click the PLUS button next to you preset tab, and click IMPORT PRESET

PLEASE DO NOT DOWNLOAD BY PHONE! use your computer or laptop!

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