Hoodie Animated Mockup 29303092

360° hoodie rotation plus animated background and 3 static mockups in different viewing angles. Insert your design for the whole hoodie at once, or create a more complex design with different colors and elements separately for the hood, sleeves, elastic bands and body. Thanks to the integrated 3D object and the detailed image of the hoodie, your design will be realistically superimposed on the texture of the fabric, taking its shape along with the curves and folds.

Hoodie Animated Mockup 29303092


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Watch an exported video:

Watch the exported gif animations:

Hoodie Animated Mockup - 1
Hoodie Animated Mockup - 2
Hoodie Animated Mockup - 3

Requirements: Adobe Photoshop CC+

Product includes:

  • 1 psd with animated hoodie;
  • 3 psd with static hoodie (front, back and side view);
  • animated background;
  • instructions.txt (with links to video-tutorials);

Animation type:

  • looped animation of 360° rotation;

Editable elements:

  • hoodie color and design (hood, elastic on the sleeves, sleeves, bottom elastic, body);
  • cord, grommet and stiching color;
  • highlights;
  • shadows;
  • background;

Save animation as:

  • animated gif;
  • HD video mp4;
  • jpg, png sequence;


  • Patterns and textures used in previews are not included in product;
  • When using complex patterns for the design of hoodie, some distortions of the texture overlay during animation are possible;
  • Work with 3D objects can cause errors in Photoshop. We recommend to follow the video instructions when you working with this mockup;
  • Make sure that you have enough space on the active scratch disk (more than 50 GB) and that the computer’s RAM isn’t currently occupied by other applications than Photoshop;
  • If you have the opportunity, use this mockups on a more powerful computer.

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