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Neutral Boho Presets, Desktop Lightroom Presets Mobile, Light and Airy Presets, Portrait Instagram, Headshots for Boss Babes

These are my personal presets I used to DIY my own photo shoot and get a boho vibe for my design business. These presets look good on everyday people that are not models. I made them for boss babes to use for their personal branding, but they can be used by anybody looking to step up their social media presence.


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  • 3 Easy to Use Lightroom Presets
  • Mobile version
  • PC/MAC version
  • Easy to follow Installation for Mobile, iPhone, Mac, PC.
  • Step-by-step Installation Guide

Even though all presets are tested on a variety of photos with different lighting and different settings, it’s important to keep in mind that based on your lighting and colors, camera mode and settings, the presets might need to be slightly adjusted to fit your photos the right way.

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