RETROWAVE – future synth effect PS Action 28916818

RETROWAVE Effect Photoshop Action will transform your photos into an old future synth retrowave effect in one click. As a result, you will get an awesome colorful effect with a lot of choices effect.

  • Suitable for portraits, Photos, positions, and you can try it in everything you want
  • It’s work perfectly on Pictures that tend to be a bit darker
  • Organized layer structure
  • More lines details
  • Very easy to use in one click
  • Best image sizes 3000 px​ wide – and height 3000 px or over

Retrowave Future Synth Effect Ps Action 28916818


Fast Download With Google Drive Link
Password Unzip :
If you found the link was error , please comment !!!


  1. Make sure to make your photo with a 3000px wide size
  2. Use only RGB mode at 8 bits/channel pictures
  3. Load action to your Photoshop. To do this go to menu Window – Actions – Load actions and choose ’’ Outrun Retrowave effect.atn ’’ or double click on ’’ Outrun Retrowave effect.atn ’’
  4. Load pattern by Double click on ’’ Outrun Glitch Patterns.pat ’’
  5. Play the action

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