Sauce Bottle Mockup 4844082

Sauce Bottle Mockup BUNDLE

Professional high-resolution mockup of hand sauce bottle. It’s fully customizable and could be used for many design purposes like packaging or label presentation, print design, etc.

Place your label & neck wrapper design via Smart-Object. 2 clicks and presentation is ready. Label reflections could be changed as well. There’s several options – glossy, semi-glossy & matte. Control reflection power with changing opacity of reflection layer.

7 pre-made sauce available – Red Pepper, Green Pepper, Caesar, Mustard, Ketchup, BBQ & Soy. Also you can swich to transparent bottle.

There’s 2 options for bottle neck – metal cap & paper/plastic wrapper. Metal cap color & brightness can be changed. Paper/Plastic Wrapper has 3 reflections – Glossy, Semi-Glossy & Matte. Place your wrapper design via smart-object.

There’s an option to change the bottle color, so you may create amber, green bottle or clear transparent bottle – whichever you like. Aslo you can control bottle opacity – like you can make bottle opaque and then change the bottle color.

Sauce Bottle Mockup 4844082


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View Video Tutorial
Large Bottle –
Medium Bottle –
Small Bottle –

Main Features:

  • 1 PSD File (with 3 Bottles)
  • Hight Resolution 6000x4500px
  • Changeable Sauce Types (7 Premade Sauces – Red Pepper, Green Pepper, Caesar, Mustard, Ketchup, BBQ & Soy)
  • Changable Label Design via Smart-Objects
  • Changable Label Reflection (Glossy, Semy-Glossy & Matte)
  • Metal cap could be switched on/off. Adjust color & Brightness
  • Changable Neck Wrapper Design via Smart-Objects.
  • Foil Stamping layer included
  • Separate shadow layers
  • Full control over Shadow Intencity
  • Changable background color
  • 3 exclusive FREE background included
  • Separate background

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